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How to Apply Dark Mode to Different Apps on the mac OS Right Now


Dark mode is the highly wanted feature for the Apple customer right now. Apple has not announced the “dark mode” option in the mac OS Sierra and in IOS 10 as disappointing it users as many of them expected that it is the part of the new upcoming operating system; the news which are based on the rumours. If you are really looking for and interested then trying out the “real dark mode” on your Mac then we got a great idea for you.

Before you start the tutorial please carefully note that this hack is not a permanent solution and only apply to the meticulous apps and not on the whole system. The app will soon return back to its original shape as you close and restart or reopen it from your Mac, so you can use it only for the demo purpose. There are also some prerequisite for this amazing tutorial which are listed below.


Make sure you have done all the prerequisites before applying the dark mode

  • OS X EI Capitan or the Later
  • Xcode and Command Line Tools installed on your Mac
  • System Integrity Protection Should be disabled

Applying dark mode to any Mac App

  • One you have done all the above prerequisites then download the file
  • Once you download the required file then extract the DarkMode.zip’file in /Library/Services.
  • Now open the app on which you temporarily want to apply the dark mode. Remember that you have to done it on your entire app individually.
  • Click on the apps name from the menu bar such as the Safari – Services – Apply Dark Mode.

Wait for moment or few seconds the dark mode will be applied to the entire assigned app. Though this hack should work better with the most stock apps which the developers has already tested on the System Preference, Safari, Finger and on the Text Edit.

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How to Apply Dark Mode to Different Apps on the macOS Right Now

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