How to add your signature to Mac and insert it into a PDF

OS X holds so many unseen gems that by no means seize to surprise even those who have been using Mac for many years. The one useful and excellent feature of the preview app allows the user to add his or her signature to the Mac and immediately can insert the signature into any PDF document. This article will helps and explains how you can add your official signature to the Mac and then by using the stock preview app insert it into any PDF document. Before doing any action you make sure that you have a paper and a pen because you need them during the all process.

Adding your signature to Mac

Step 1

The first step of adding the signature to you Mac is to take the white piece of paper and marked your signature on it.


Step 2

The next step is to launch the preview app by clicking on the Tools from the menu bar then follow the sequence Tools > Annotate > Signature > and the click on the Manage Signature as you seen on image below.


Step 3

After open the “Manage Signature” window; the two options will appears in front of your screen one is the “Trackpad” and the other is Camera. Its depends on you which option you will select either you can select the trackpad to enter the signatures on you Mac or you can use the camera to enter you signature. But for better result we recommend to use camera is the best option. So use the camera option and hit the camera tab and then place the signature paper that you just made earlier in front of the iSight camera. You also make sure that there is enough light in the room that the camera read the signature correctly. It the light in the room is not available or proper then increase the brightness of the screen that will make the capture result better.


Step 4

Once the signature has been inspecting clearly it will appear on your screen. If you are satisfied with the capturing result hit the “Done” button if you disagree with the scanned image than scan it again for the better result.

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