How to Add the Monogram or Your Name to your Apple Watch Face


There are several ways to personalize and customize the Apple Watch, but one of the coolest thing by which you can add your own name to your watch face. You can not only enter your name but you can also use the monogram feature to add any symbol and word or even the logo of Apple too. However to add the monogram to your Apple is very simple but it becomes complicated for some times if you don’t know how to done it? No need to worry about it, this post will inform you to add the monogram or your name to the Apple Watch. You just need to read the instruction given below in detail.

Adding name, symbol and the Apple logo to your Watch Face

On your iPhone

  • From your iPhone first open the Watch app and then tap on the “My Watch” button.
  • Find the “Clock” option by scroll down until you get it.
  • From the Clock search the “Monogram” and then tap on it.
  • Type the name, word or add any symbol on the next open page which you want to add on Your Apple watch face.

On Your Watch


Until you have entered the desired name or monogram to the Clock section, now it’s time to add it your Apple Watch face. Only the Watch OS 2 allows their users to add the monograms to the “COLOR” watch face. The instructions are given below, follow them and see how it is done.

  • Press the digital crown button to get access the Watch face screen, if you have not done it before.
  • Tap on the screen in order to get access to the selection screen of Watch face.
  • To find the “COLOR” watch face swipe right or left until you find it and then tap on the “Customize” button.

Now swipe left to move on the second screen and then tap on the obstacle placed on the center and then select the Monogram with the help of digital crown.

Now your watch face is become personalized and it shown you own name. To add your own name and the symbol is great on your Watch face but also love to see the support of the monogram and the other watch faces and the support of the 3rd-party watch faces in the watch OS 3.

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