Hidden features of new iPhone 7 and 7plus

New iPhone 7 and 7plus are out in the market and you must love it due to its sleek design and shiny look. Apple has made the best of the iPhone this time with different feature and improvements in processors, camera and lightening jack. Everything in this phone looks cool except the missing audio jack. Any ways this beautiful phone will be performing better in your hand and you know what’s next in it? Let’s look at the useful tips and tricks for this beautiful model given below.

1. Where is the lock screen camera option?


You will not found the camera opining icon on the lock screen in IOS 10. Don’t regret at first glance and just swipe on the left side on your lock screen to open the camera.

2. Missing 3.5mm jack in your new iPhone 7?

If you are missing audio jack in your new phone don’t worry Apple has included an adopter that connects with audio jack and charging slot. Due to excitement you forget to check the box carefully. The new adopter is all in it with Ear pods.

3. Flash light intensity adjuster and quick timer


3D touch is the most beautiful feature of iPhone 7 and 7plus. Swipe access control center and press hardly on the flash light icon or timer to adjust the light intensity for the time given in options.

4. How to forcefully restart iPhone 7?

I phone 7 and 7 plus come without home button so restarting method is changed now. Press the power button which is on right side plus press the volume button which is on the left side at the same time until your phone got restarted and you see the logo of Apple.

5. Charge and listen music same time


If your battery is about to die and you have to charge and listen the music at the same time what you will do? Blekin has given a double jack one for charging and other for listening music and both can work at the same time.

6. Screen wakes up when you lifts it

When you have to check the time you don’t have to press the power button to wake the screen. Just go to the settings then display and brightness and click on the raise to wake option. It will automatically wake up your screen when you will lift up your phone.

7. Bed time

iPhone 7 and 7 plus has a different feature than simple alarm. It tells you how much time you have to sleep and gives you sleep indicator and wake up indicator and also checks your health status with Apple health. Open the clock and select the bed time mode at the bottom of the screen and choose how much time you want to sleep. You can also change the tunes of the alarm and the reminder time from the top left corner of the device.

8. 3D press


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3D press is not only for iPhone 7 it basically works in IOS 10 even if you have previous models. 3D touch enables you to open your messages faster by hardly pressing its icon, hardly press instagram icon to directly post the pictures and videos, hard press on the locked screen on the notification to see more options and replying to SMS without opening the lock.

9. Touch Id

Touch Id is the name of Apples finger print unlocking of the phone. You can open the lock of your phone with just you thumb or finger. For this go to settings>general > accessibilities and look there for home button option and click on the option Rest finger to open.