Google Photos app now lets you to upload and view Live Photos from your iPhone


The iOS official Google Photos app was updated recently to support the Live Photos. it means that if you own an iPhone 6s or Plus you are not only able to upload and store the “Live Photos” on the Google photo storage service but you can also view them in the full glory. This announcement make just after the month of releasing the iPhone 6s which ranks the first device that built-in with the new feature. It is the great news for those after the addition of the Live Photos support for backing up their photos and wanted to switch to the Google Photos but due to lack Live Photo support they could not do the action.

The live Photo on the iOS app work as the same as they perform on the stock Photos app. By tap on the image you can force to see the live version. This app displays the “Live” icon at the top right side of the screen which indicating that a photo has the live parts. When you want to edit the image by using the built-in editing apparatus the live part is detached enduringly and when you trying to view the images by using the webpage you are not experiencing the live part. yet you are downloading the same image but it is download in both .mov and .jpg while the .mov version indicating that the Live Photo are running as the video on the video player.

The Live Photos support in the Google Photos app was added in the most recent update which also improves the navigation, and reduced the cache usage, iPad support for the split view feature and also support of the iPad pro and more.

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