Google Maintain Organize & Save Your Ideas

While our experts lament the approaching reduction from Google Reader, Google discusses some really good headlines just recently along with the freshly launched Google Always keep Its tagline, Save what is on your mind explains its functionality as a note-taking company.


This is presently a stand-alone service and in the onset of progression, however, will partner with Google Travel in the future. It has still quite simple attributes, and also our experts will certainly show you just what you could presently do on Keep to help coordinate your notions.

Maintaining Your Thought and feelings Organized

Google Always keep is akin to Ever note yet along with a simpler technique. Always keep allows you jot down short notes with merely a standard title and also your note web content. You can also choose to add an image to a details and color code each note along with some of 8 different colors.

Prefer a to-do list style as an alternative? There is likewise the choice to make this, at that point write off traits that you have completed later.



There are a couple of traits to keep in mind concerning Google Keep. Right now, that carries out not make it possible for rearrangements from your details, so that will stay in the order where brand new notes are going to be on best. You likewise can certainly not possess a list simply along with images; pictures can just be   along with notes.

Gain access to Google Always keep almost everywhere

You can access Google Continue a PC or even mobile web internet browser using This showcases a reactive web design that works properly for much smaller smartphone screens to high-resolution tablets.


iPhone individuals as you can access Maintain with an internet browser like the Chrome app.

Go on Android

Android customers possess that a lot better as Google has already introduced a specialized Google Always keep the application on the Play Store. The Android Maintain application also appears much better compared to the internet model along with more dynamic shades per details you generate.


Maintain also comes in gizmo form so you can access it straight on your residence display screen without also introducing the app. The convenient gizmo also allows you to promptly look at or even make brand new notes in Always keep.


Another useful attribute is its speech-to-text audio feature. Tap the microphone to begin directing what you need to don’t forget and also that will certainly save a recording of your voice along with the text from exactly what you mentioned on the body system content of the details. You can additionally incorporate a photo to this or later download and install the audio via the Maintain website.


Wishlist for Future Characteristics

Far, Maintain has yet to blast our minds yet that is only given that our experts understand there will certainly be even more unique and also awesome attributes to look onward to for Google Keep.

Recognizing Google and its promote development, our team plan to find Maintain inevitably:

  • Integrated along with Gmail as well as Chrome to easily make details
  • Have notifications and pointers
  • Make it possible for uploads from pictures via URLs
  • Have far better institution along with files


In other words, right here are a number of the advantages and disadvantages our company derived from having fun with Google Always keep, for now.


  • User-friendly
  • Simple features
  • Lightweight
  • Attractive Android app


  • No exchanges (however).
  • No iPhone application.
  • No reminders.