Google Earth is currently accessible in VR.


Google might have presently release its main effort of consumer virtual reality, Google Daydream, previous week, other than the corporation is confirming no signs of slowing the progress on further platforms as it appears to provide VR some extensive use cases.

Today, Google publicized on their blog that they are taking Google Earth into virtual reality by means of the HTC Vive. “With the help of Earth VR, you can take flight above a city, stand at peak of the utmost peaks, and you can even fly in the space,” the post stated in detail.

It is not relatively the metaverse, but this initiation provides Google a main path to emphasize virtual reality-optimized practices similar to 3D flyovers by means of an interface which is sized of a planet. Google completely stated that precise experiences will transport you to the Swiss Alps, the Grand Canyon, the Manhattan skyline, Amazon River and further locations.

The future of this development is prominent but it is not Google’s initial experience that they have created for virtual reality of desktop. The 3D painting title of company, Tilt Brush, is a favorite in the midst of virtual reality aficionados because of the innovative experiences accessible, with Google’s continued hard work in re-defining the app through succeeding updates.

VR of Google Earth covers the complete 196.9 million square miles of earth so if you cannot choose where to go on your 1st virtual trip, Google has attentively integrated cinematic trips and has selected many destinations for you.

Earth VR will first be launching first for HTC Vive through the Steam store and will be available for free, so users through compatible headsets of HTC Vive can travel around red planet and blue one devoid of ever going out of their living room. In accordance with the notes, Google Earth is going to be available on further platforms.