Fun Snapchat tricks and tips each user should know about

1. Add more lines to text.

Snapchat not allow their users to type the text in the multiple lines as it alters with the return button on the keyboard with “Done”. Not there is a smart way to enter the text in the different lines by just simply open the Notes app from your iPhone and then hit on the return key for several times, then tap on it and hold in the text area. The next step is to “select all” button from the pop-up menu and the empty area copied to the clipboard. Unlock the Snapchat app and take photo and then paste it to the blank area copied in to the clipboard. Now you receive the text area which is consisting of the multiple lines and type in the different lines before sending any snap.

2. Switch between front and back camera while recording.

You can switch between the back and front camera while you are recording a video by simply tap and the hold the record button and next tap on the switch button of camera without letting the record button.

3. Quick video call for a live chat.

Recently a live chat feature is added to the Snapchat which allows the user to make video call to any contact. Open the conversation page and then hit on the movie cam button. You are also able the share a quick video by tapping and holding the movie button.

4. Fix emoji on video.

A user can add the emoji to a video to fix it for a particular spot and after doing this the emoji will stay at the place even the camera is moving. For that purpose enter an emoji and resized it and drag it to the place where you want to fix it. The last step is tap and hold in order to fix it to a place in the video.

5. Resize an emoji with touch to zoom.

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After inserting the emoji to a photo or video simply tap on it, then pinch it in order to make is smaller or larger. To rotate them rotate your two fingers also.

6. Check who watched your story and who didn’t.

You can also check which part of your story has been seen by other by tapping on the 3 dotted buttons which is next to the “My Story”. After doing this it will list the individual video or image which you add to your story alongside with the view count and by tapping on it you can see which part is been watched and who see it.

7. Check your trophies.

You can also check the Snapchat trophies which you won by open the camera screen and then slide it down. Hit on the “Trophy” button which is located at the top of the screen.

8. Reduce the mobile usage data.

You are also able to reduce the data Snapchat while your internet connection is turn on. Open the camera screen, slide down it and then hit on the gear icon at the right top corner of the screen. Tap on the “Manage” option from the setting page below the additional service and then turn on the toggle for the “Travel Mode”.

Fun Snapchat tricks and tips each