Flekstore of iOS 9 and 10 for iPhone, iPad & iPod Jailbreak not needed.

Flekstore of iOS 9 and 10 for iPhone

It is recognized to every users of iOS that what Cydia can do; but you require a jailbroken device for this purpose. So suppose I inform you that you can perform the similar magical marvels devoid of jailbreaking your iPad or iPhone?

What Flekstore is and why should you install it?

Flekstore is an immense substitute of Cydia. Why should you use it? Not like Cydia, this is completely functional in favor of complete iOS 9 and devices above iOS 9. And this is among the main causes why Flekstore achieved so much fame.

Exclusive Flekstore features.

When you acquire app of Flekstore, you will comprise the opportunity of obtaining further innumerable games and apps totally for free. You will in addition be capable to develop your own apps and after that you can add it in the store to assist others to utilize the app.

This is really an enhanced option as compared to the Cydia, particularly subsequent to the non jailbreak requisite. It will allow you to get numerous tweaks of iOS devoid of using App Store. Flekstore presents you elegant and simple experience for inspiring your life.

Steps to download and install Flekstore.

  1. The initial step is to go to the safari browser on iOS device and after that type on address bar, http://www.iosemulatorspot.com/ and then go to homepage.
  2. After you are forwarded to homepage of the given website, you need to choose the Cydia Alternatives tab. This is for the reason that you don’t desire to jailbreak your iOS device. After that you need to look for Flekstore and when you find it, click on Install button.
  3. Then you will catch a message that states are you certain you desire to install or not. Then again click on “Install” and after that hit done for the last time.
  4. You will be informed about it once the installation is finished. You need to pilot to home screen and after that only one tap on the icon of Flekstore.
  5. As soon as the Flekstore starts, you can set off on searching intended for your preferred apps, tweaks, games and look through around further exclusive apps formed by users. When you get obsessed to it, you will not at all return using Cydia ever again.