Fix iTunes Error 3194 (How to fix iPhone could not be restored on Windows or Mac?)

Of all the errors that pops up while upgrading, restoring or even the syncing the iPhones, the most notorious is– the iTunes error 3194. If you have been facing such problems, here are a few steps that can be followed by you to overcome the above mentioned error.

Firstly, check the host file. The problems sometimes occur because iTunes is not able to communicate with the update server of Apple and this is the reason you have to check the host file.

iTunes 3194 Error

How to Fix iTunes Error 3194 Using your iOS Update for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

For MAC, you will have to quit the iTunes, then launch the terminals and enter the commands that are mentioned here: sudo nano/private/ etc/hosts. After that you have to enter the password that you use to sign up in your account.

Then, the terminals will show the host files and if the entries are for “” then you have to immediately remove the entry. After that, enter the # symbol at the beginning of the “” entry.

Then you need to save the file and press Enter key when asked for the name of the file and then exit the editor. Restart your computer and the itunes error 3194 will be removed.

iTune Error 3194 For Mac

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For Windows, at the left edge tap search and then type run and while you click on the run, type the following –

%WinDir%\system32\Drivers\Etc and then click on ENTER.

This will open the Etc folder and if you double click on it you will be able to edit the host files. If you are able to see any entries for the “” then you can remove it to save the host file.

You are done, and if you restart your device now, it is likely that you will not find the error 3194 again.

The errors are found in most cases because, instead of the Apple update servers, you use the jailbreaking tool like Redsn0w at one point of time that gets added to the host file and connects the iTunes to the cydia servers. This causes the iTunes error 3194.

iTune Error 3194 For Windows

Apart from the above mentioned steps for windows and MAC, if you are still facing problems with the itunes 3194 error, then you can try to disable the firewall or the security software temporarily as they sometimes inhibit the connection of the device with the Apple update servers.