Five Lockscreen Cydia Tweaks that make it More Useful

The super fast Touch ID button that hardly gives you a chance to quick look at the lockscreen which is the most important and particular part of iOS in these days. You can perform the certain tasks and seen what’s happening on your iPhone without unlock the device from the lockscreen. Although the lockscreen is good and perform well but it need some improvements too. To make it useful and want to do some more things without unlocking your iPad or iPhone, we give you a list of the five best lockscreen tweaks which you should try it and can download from your Jailbroken device.

1. Carrot

This lockscreen is specially featured with the music widget which makes it very easy to control the music. No doubt the widget is helpful but it lacks of the some important buttons like the repeat and shuffle buttons. If you want to repeat the current song or want to shuffle the playlist, you need to unlock your iPhone to do it from the music app. The new carrot tweak is come up with a solution and adding the 2 new buttons in the music widget. You can easily download the Cydia tweak Carrot lockscreen free form the BigBoss repo.

2. 3D Touch Notifications

The 3D Touch feature is good but you can do nothing with it form the lockscreen. The 3D Touch Notifications allows their users to preview and pop on the different apps notifications such as the Facetime, Messages, Calendar, WhatsApp and Phone. The new tweak is available free on the Cydia and work same functionality to the notifications center.

3. IfFoud3

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IfFoud3 is come up with the very useful button on the lockscreen and make it very easy for the person who find your lost iPhone and can connect you via, message, email or call. This tweak also gives you information about your lost iPhone and also helps you to find it back. The ifFound3 Cydia tweak is available for US $ 1 in Cydia.

4. MiniTime

The miniTime tweak allows their users to make time and date aligned and smaller on either side. You are also able to change the text color and other elements which appear on the lockscreen. You can also choose the different layouts and styles with the miniTime and it is available free in the BigBoss repo.

5. Flash

The flashlight feature is the very handy iPhone feature which enables the users to turn-on the camera flash when you are in the dark location. The Flash tweak makes it easier by adding the flash button on the lockscreen. The best feature of the tweak is it uses the sensor ambient light to open the flashlight and add a button in the dark location and the button will disappear when you are in sufficient lighting place. The Flash tweak is available free from the Cydia.

Five Lockscreen Cydia