Features of Android 7.0 Nougat that will come at the Release:

7.0 Nougat Android is accessible at the present for devices of Nexus and as it was detailed before, you can anticipate productivity developments on Google Nexus 6P. Let us have a look at the list of main latest features of Android 7.0 Nougat and notice how it contrasts to what is initiated on Galaxy Note 7:

Multi-window support:

Multi-window support

Samsung initiated presenting functionality of multi-window in 2012 on Note 2. It carries on to be developed and is an immense practice on Note 7, but there are a number of boundaries on which apps sustain it. You can in addition acquire a pop-up method on Note 7 to have a 2nd window in a free form system.

Clear all option:

Clear all option

Samsung presents this and contains for quite for a while on their devices.

Refined quick settings buttons:

Refined quick settings buttons

Samsung presents the capability to modify the quick settings on Note 7, comprising an awesome search bar to locate things effortlessly on your phone.

Updated settings:

Updated settings

Settings of Samsung have been overhauled and are simple to utilize than before, but settings do not contain the fresh status data lines at hand on Nexus and within Android 7.0 Nougat.

Direct reply notifications:

Direct reply notifications

One reason I have at all times favored manufacturer handsets more than Nexus mobile phones was this ability to take action to messages devoid of ever departing the app in which I am. Samsung performs this fine and contains for quite a time.

Blue light filter:

Blue light filter

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Samsung offers this by means of a toggle, sunrise to sunset and custom options of timing.

Quick multi-tasking:

Quick multi-tasking

The functionality of Alt-Tab on Nougat is polished, but if you utilize your S Pen and decide to comprise the Air Command shortcut after that you can hook and eye among two apps by floating your S Pen above the thumbnail of app.

Display scaling:

Display scaling

This is integrated on Note 7 and in fact is 1 choice accessible to you all through primary setup. With tiny scaling you are able to fit additional on display and by means of 5.5 inches of stunning screen I love how a great deal I can observe in one look.

Grouped notifications:

Grouped notifications

Android 7.0 succeeds here as Samsung does not present this ability.

Vulkan graphics APIs:

Vulkan graphics APIs

Samsung previously presents this and it yet works by way of Gear VR receiver.