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Facebook Messenger started group video calling feature.


Messenger began as fraction of the Facebook itself, other than in current years; the corporation has been attempting to shove the service of messaging as a separate platform of social media. The corporation is at the present reaching closer to their goal since Messenger is offering the capacity to initiate video chats in group, for every user. This approach following it was proclaimed only yesterday about the introduction of group voice calls on desktop to its platform.

Group video was the majority demanded Messenger feature in the past, and by means of 245 million people utilizing the feature of video chat each month, it is not difficult to perceive why Facebook has launched this latest feature. By means of group video chat, you are permitted to encompass face-to-face talk with not only 1 friend, but among several friends at a time on Messenger. This feature is available for every user on the planet today for both iOS and Android devices, in addition to the desktop Messenger edition. So, if you desire to utilize this feature, do make certain that you have updated to the most recent Messenger version, which ought to be accessible today or in upcoming days.

This latest feature is extremely simple to utilize, you only require being present in group chat, if you are not than create one. After that, just tap on icon of video which can be visible on upper right side of screen to start video chat and all members of that group will be notified about the call, and can join at any time they want to, only by tapping on that notification. You can also call to selected people of the group in place of the whole group by ringer option. It ought to be noted that equal to 50 people can join in chat of group video other than just leading speaker will be visible to complete group.


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