Enable speak notification for messages and emails on iOS

One of the major iOS features that you may not have heard of is the one in which you can have the notifications spoken to you. This is not known as the Siri EyesFree, which is designed for the cars, but this one does make use of the Siri voices speak to you. The spoken notifications can be really beneficial while using the iOS device at any situations like working out in gyms, or while riding a motorcycle or attached to the hands free audio system of your car through Bluetooth. You would not need to keep looking at the screen regarding the message that you just received. All that you need to do is just keep listening. This is how you can set it up:

How to get messages and emails via speak notification on iOS Devices


The iOS setting that you are going to enable is known as the accessibility feature called the voiceover. This feature enables reading out all the aspects of screen by using the Siri’s voice that includes notification and pop up screen. Here are the following steps that need to be done to turn on and off the settings of voiceover. This can be turned off because it might not be a feature that you want to remain enabled all the time.

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1. The first step is to open the settings and go to the accessibility setting that is located within the general settings.

Settings -> General Settings -> Accessibility



2. The next step is to locate the voiceover settings present at the top of the list, but make sure that you do not turn it on right now. But instead, you need to scroll down to the end of the voiceover settings and then turn the speak notifications on.

Voiceover Settings on iOS devices

3. Then navigate back to the accessibility settings list and then scroll down at the bottom of list.

4. After that you need to set up the triple click home buttons settings for turning on the voice over and then exit from the settings app.

Voiceover Settings Tripple Click

This is it. You are done! Now each time the home button is clicked three times the device will enter into the voiceover mode. Once the device is in the voiceover mode, the Siri’s voice will be heard regarding all the information about the home screen that includes the notifications. For turning off the voiceover mode, you have to just simply triple click on the home button and it will be off.