How to Enable the Apple’s news app in any Country

Enable the Apple’s news app

News is the source of information of the recent events is based on topics you’re most interested in like business, technology, fashion; current affairs and much more. Many developers have created different apps of the news till now to keep their users updated about the recent events. But if you are Apple user you don’t need to move from one app to another to stay informed. Apple news app is Apple’s newly attempt to make newspapers and magazines meaningful in this modern era of smartphones and tablets. Now users can enjoy interactive and appealing stories filled with photos galleries, videos and animations. It allows publishers to make stories that look pleasing and take full power of IOS. Articles are made effectively for IPhone and iPad users to create great experience no matter which device you are using. Experience a huge collection of topics from different sources like top magazines and different publications. The best thing in app is that the more you read the news, it better understanding your interest and give the most relevant topics suggestions of your interest. You can also follow the different channels of your interest and get updated about most recent events. But the problem Apple user face is that this app is exclusive and specifically designed for the users in United States, Although on launching IOS 9 update it was announced that app will also be available in Australia and United Kingdom Also but having the IOS 9 jailbreak, certain tweaks are letting users to run the app on their devices. So if you are out of United States then how can you run the app on your iPhone and iPad? Here are some useful suggestions.

So if you have not upgraded to ISO 9.1 or outside the United States you need to follow some useful steps to open the app


Step 1

Go to the Settings, tap for the general options

Step 2

After it, tap on the language and region option.


Step 3

A new interface will open, select the region option.

Step 4

Search out for the United States, and select it as your region by marking it in the list.

Step 5

Tap to done the change and exit from the settings.


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Following steps will impel the IOS to show the app on the Home Screen. Sometimes it may also necessary to reboot your phone if the app does not automatically appear. But the local news contents will not be appearing in the app as United States is selected as region. It is necessary to select your native region later after following the same procedure mentioned above