Easiest Way To Hide Photos And Videos On iOS 9

We all know that IOS 9 is the latest OS version of the Apple. As IOS 9 arrived almost every user try to install this latest version because of many new features and issued resolved which were present in the previous IOS versions .IOS 9 has many unique and interesting features like enhanced battery performance, enhanced security, Siri Proactive Assistant and many more. One more interesting features which we have not discussed yet is that you can also hide your photos and videos on your iPhone if you are running on IOS 9. This feature was not present in the older versions, so to hide photos and videos you need to install external applications but IOS 9 has resolve this issue now you don’t need to install any external application to hide your personal data on your phone. This feature made your device more secure. Now no one can see you data without your permission. So, if you have iDevice running IOS 9 and still you are unaware about this feature then you can enable it by following these useful tips.

Steps to hide Photos and Videos on IOS 9

The process of hiding photos and videos on your iPhone is quite simple and easy


First of all go the “Photos” app on your phone

After launching the app, here you find the folders like Camera roll and others. Select the photos and videos which you want to hide.

Hit on the “Select” on the right upper corner of the Screen.



After tapping on the select, now tap on the photos which you want to hide, check mark will be shown on selecting photos.

Once you have selected your desired photos which you want to hide. Now tap on the icon present on the left bottom of the screen. It is the share icon



Now it will give you so many options which you can do with the selected photos. You have to tap on the option “Hide” here.

After tapping the “Hide” options it will open a pop up, which will ask your permission to conform the action


The selected photos and videos are hidden now and no one can access these photos. These photos will be on your phone but not will be on the album in which you kept earlier.

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How to unhide photos

If you want to unhide photos or videos you’ve hide then first four steps mentioned above are same. After selecting the photos and after tapping on the share icon you will again encounter with a pop up window but this time there will be option of “Unhide” instead of “Hide”. Tap on that option, all your selected photos will be unhide now.

So, this is very useful feature introduced by the Apple in IOS 9 by understanding the customer’s needs. You should go for it if you also want to hide your personal photos or videos on your iPhone.