Easiest Way to Enable Voice Calling On WhatsApp on“Jailbroken” IPhone


WhatsApp on“Jailbroken” IPhone

Usage of social media applications are increasing day by day, so the developers of the social media applications are adding new features as per users need. Firstly, WhatsApp added voice messaging feature in the application by which we can send or receive voice messages to one another instead of typing the whole message you just need to press on the voice calling icon and keep holding the icon key while recording the message and then release it to send the voice message. Recently WhatsApp developers add a new feature “Voice calling” so users can also make free calls on the WhatsApp. But this feature is only available in the updated version of the WhatsApp. IOS users can download this app from the Apple’s official App store but you cannot use the voice calling feature. To avail this feature fully you have to first jailbreak your IPhone first. So the IOS users which are still trying to get benefit of this feature here are some useful steps.

1)    Through WhatsApp call enable Tweak

Step 1

First off all you make it sure that your IPhone is “jailbroken” if your iPhone is not “jailbroken” then you cannot do further steps.

Step 2

After successful “jailbroken”process, download the latest version of the WhatsApp.

Step 3

Now add this repo Apt.imokhles.com

Step 4

WhatsApp on“Jailbroken” IPhone
After adding the repo now you need to install “WhatsApp Call Enabler” and press on the toggle to activate it.

Step 5

Once you have enabled the “WhatsApp Call Enbaler” successfully,open theWhatsApp and ask your friend to call you which have previously enabled the voice call feature. Wait for the call, once he or she will call you then WhatsApp voice calling feature will be enable on your phone.
All done
After following the above steps now you are able to call your friends through WhatsApp and can enjoy free unlimited calling.

2)    Through WhatsApp Beta

For this method it is not necessary that your IPhone must be “jailbroken”. You just need to remember two things
1.    The latest version of the WhatsApp is “WhatsApp beta” to use the voice calling features you need to install this version from the company website through Safari and any other browser from your iPhone.
2.    Once you have beta version then on your phone you can use the calling features but make it sure that the person you are trying to call must have this betaversion regardless of which phone he/she is using
NOTE: If you decided to go back to the official version of WhatsApp then don’t download it from the App store before removing the Beta version as in this overwrite process your chat history can be lost.
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