Easiest way to block a number on iPhone

Apple is trying to make its devices more users friendly by introducing new features, one of them is blocking a contact (Message or call).We receive daily unknown calls in our daily life, marketing calls from different Brands & companies, sometimes we get frustrated and want to get rid of all this sort of messages and calls and want to block them. Apple users can also easily block them by following some steps.

There are number of methods that Apple users can follow to block a contact but we described the three of them here.

1). Manually add a Number to block list(For IOS 7 & 8)

This one is the straightforward and easiest way to block a contact and put it to block list. This feature was first announced in IOS 7, so the devices which are running on IOS 7 and above can employ this feature. Just simply go to the phone option in the settings here you will see the option block tap on it and add the number of the person you want to block, the number will go to the block list and you will not receive any calls or messages from this number in the future. Other way is just to open the contacts, recent calls or text messages and reveal the number you want to block, there would be icon “i” in front of the number, click the icon and choose block option.

2). Communicate your Carrier(Only For IOS 6 And Before)

This blocking method is for users having IOS 6 and before. In this process you have to first find out which carrier your iPhone possess. You can find out carrier by going to the setting. After you find out carrier, communicate with the carrier and request to block the number. Contact their customer support line and ask to block the number. Every carrier has different constraints that how many numbers you can block.

3). Using the apps available on the store

This process works on all IOS devices but you only need to make it sure that your device is “jailbroken”. By using TaiG or Paingu jailbreak you can jailbeak your device. After getting jailbreak  your device you have Cydia installed on your device, open the Cydia and look for apps iBlacklist, Callblocker, CallBliss and starting download one of these apps, once you have these apps you can select any number which you want to block.