Downloading Torrent on Your iPad is now Available


 In Apple world several consumers desire to download torrents high speed on their iPad. But they are troubled of not having the Jailbreak. If you are also that type of user then you came to the right place.

Even though there are a lot of torrent downloading apps accessible on iOS devices, but in order to utilize them device must be Jailbroken. Torrents are essential because despite how sluggish the internet is, you can easily download, upload or share large files speedily with the help of torrents. This can be accomplished by utilizing appropriate porting methods whether the connection is slow.

There are a vast number of Apps available for Androids to download torrents. But not a single one App is available in iOS App Store. This is for the reason that Apple has excluded every torrent interrelated Apps to go into the App Store. Apple is notoriously strict on everything that provides things free that are actually paid. But there is an easy solution to this dilemma of how to get torrents and how to download them with any torrent app. Steps of doing so are given below.

This process works on every earlier version of iOS as well, so whether you are a user of iPad mini, iPad air having iOS 7 or iPad 2 with iOS 6 in it, it doesn’t matter at all and this process is also compatible with iPod touch and iPhone.

In order to conquer this trouble, in this process easy and simple solution is given to download torrents without having any torrent app installed on your device just by using couple of websites. And we are using our very personal Safari Browser for the purpose of client.


Steps to download torrents

  • First open the Safari browser on the iOS device you are using.
  • Go to your preferred torrent site from where you want to download the torrent. For example: “”
  • Search the torrent you wish for to download by searching in the search bar.
  • After when the search completes. There will be some results given below with the option of download.
  • Grasp or force down on the link of the torrent that you want to download by using the download this link tab.
  • Press your finger on the option saying “get this torrent”.
  • After a short hold a pop up message will appear having 3 option of choices. 1-Open, 2-Copy and 3-Cancel.
  • Choose the copy option.
  • Then open a new tab and open in it.
  • Paste the copied link from the previous site in the search bar of  ZbigZ and press Go.
  • Wait for a moment for ZbigZ to generate a download link.
  • After when you obtain the link, tap on that specific link to download a torrent file on iPad.
  • After that it will automatically starts downloading the file that you wanted and of which you copied the torrent link.

In this way you can download any torrent file on your iPad and other Apple devices without using any torrent app.