Download Zeusmos Cydia App and Enjoy tons of Apps for free

It is a fact that huge number of people are looking out for applications, games and other facilities for free within their i-devices. And at the same time they opt to search for such software or applications that can provide these paid apps for free.

Download Zeusmos Cydia App

Download Zeusmos Cydia App

Everything that you are thinking of can be availed with the Zeusmos application which will help you to get the paid apps for free. After Installous has been shut down, people have been looking out for alternatives that will help them; and with the introduction of the Zeusmos app, it has become really easy for a lot of people and within a very short period of time this app became one of the best apps for downloading and installing the paid apps for free for the iPhone or iPad or iPods. It has been observed that the application is working absolutely flawlessly on all the iPhones and also on the iPad mini.

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What is the need for downloading and installing Zeusmos app on Cydia

The jailbreak community has ranked Zeusmos as the best Installous alternative that has been really helpful for a huge number of people. If you have been thinking about downloading and installing Zeusmos, this article will be of immense help to you.

Here is the list of steps that you will have to follow for the complete installation of Zeusmos for your device. But make sure before installing Zeusmos that your device is jailbroken. Without jailbreak, the installation procedure will not take place.

Steps to Download Zeusmous Cydia App:

Download Zeusmos Cydia App for Free

Download and Install Zeusmos Cydia App for Free

  • Now, as you have jailbroken your device, you need to download and install AppSync within your device so that the Zeusmos works absolutely flawlessly. Without AppSync, Zeusmos may cause issues.
  • The next step is to add the Xsellize repo. Open the cydia application and go to select sources from manage.
  • Tap on edit and then add the Xsellize repo.
  • After that, return to cydia and you will see a list of sources where you have added your device.
  • When you find the Xsellize repository, you have to click on it to load the packages. Within the packages you will find the Zeusmos application.
  • The next step is to click on confirm and install.
  • Now, you have to wait for a while depending on your internet connectivity as long as cydia downloads and installs it.
  • Just open the application for once to confirm that the app is working and that’s it, you are complete with the download and installation process of the Zeusmos app.

That’s it guys, thanks for reading our article on how to download Zeusmos app from cydia on iOS 7, iOS 8 – iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. if you have any queries, leave comment below…