Download Recboot for Windows & Mac to boot iPhone, iPad

If you are looking to download the Recboot software then it is evident that you are in serious trouble with your device. Because this free software is only used by people who want to have their devices in recovery mode and no one would like to put their devices on recovery mode without any problems that have come up. The software can put any i-device, Mac and windows device on recovery mode with just a single click of a mouse. Majority of the people who prefer to download recboot, are definitely in trouble which includes the malfunctions of home buttons, or the phone has been stuck in the loop of a recovery mode.

Why must you Download Recboot for Windows & Mac
Download Recboot for Windows and Mac

For Download Recboot for Windows and Mac, The recovery mode loop in simple terms means the failure of software that takes place due to the malfunction of the iTunes software or the incompatible or incomplete installation that have taken place during an iOS update. This causes your device to boot in the recovery mode continuously while you want your device to boot on normal mode. If you have been facing such situations there is no need to worry at all as a lot of solutions are available in these scenarios for which not a penny is required. It is a fact that you will not come to know whether it is a software failure or a hardware failure; but you must make sure that you download the application. As this is a freeware, you will not require any additional software to run, like the java or the .net framework.

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Steps How to Download Recboot for Windows & Mac – How to Use

1. Firstly, you need to download the recboot software from any of the online sources available on the internet. You will find a huge number of links for completing the download.

2. After the download has been completed you will have to run the recboot and connect your iPod, iPhone or iPad to your computer.

3. The computer will recognize your i-device and you will be able to find two buttons on the recboot window. The left button is known as “Enter recovery mode “while the right button is known as “exit recovery mode”.


4. After you have made sure that the device is connected properly, you have to click on the desired button to input the command to your i-device from your computer.

That’s it, you are done.

This is the overall process for learning all about how to download and use the recboot for the Mac and windows PC and also using it properly for the entry or exit modes.