Download MovieBox 3.3.1 for iOS 8.3 without jailbreak

Moviebox is a wonderful app if you are a real movie & TV show enthusiast and you like to carry your entertainment any where you go. It may cause you some discomfort in finding the right place from where you can download and install the Moviebox 3.3.1 app on your iOS 8.3 if your iPhone is not jailbroken. But, as always here we are and given below is the most simple and easy way to get the app on your iPhone.

How to Download and install MovieBox for iOS 8.3 without Jailbreak

Download Moviebox iOS 8.3 Without Jailbreak

First, we download and install iOSEmulator spot on iOS 8.3 without Jailbreak, With the vast amount of information on the internet, you are bound to be confused as to which website or blog is providing the right information to get Moviebox on you iPhone, Apple device.

But if you have already installed the iOSEmultor on your phone then it is a very simple job. In case you haven’t downloaded it, follow the steps below and you can easily download both iOSEmulator and Moviebox.

Download and Install iOSEMUS on iOS 8.3

Step 1: Open your Safari or any mobile web browser you are currently using and go to this web address:

Step 2: Once on this page, install the iOSEmus by clicking the right hand top corner and it will ask for a confirmation so click install again.

Step 3: Give it some time to install, go back to your home screen and find the thumbnail for the iOSEmus app. Click on it, open the app and to find the latest apps click on refresh.

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Download Moviebox 3.3.1 on your iPhone for iOS 8.3 device without jailbreaking

MovieBox 3.3.1 for iOS 8.3

1. Once inside iOSEmus you can see listings marked by red and green lines. Now the red line means there is a new app available or there is update available for an already installed app.

2. Green line depicts that the given app can be downloaded and installed on any iOS device irrespective of it being jailbroken or not.

3. Scroll down using the down arrow given at the bottom of the page and find the app you are looking for i.e. Moviebox. You have reached the last step to install Moviebox on your device.

4. Just click on the install after you find the app, give a moment, and the app is available for you to use once you get back to the home screen.

5. Hope you have no trouble after this, but, just in case you have opened the app for the first time and it shows you a pop up with an option that says “Trust” and “Don’t Trust,” click on trust.

6. Again, it will ask you to update your Moviebox app but click on the cancel button, since the upgraded version is not available for iPhones and also Apple devices that are not jailbroken.

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