Download Cydia (OPEN MKTAPP) on iPHONE

 Cydia Download


Cydia is a software application designed by Jay Freeman (also known as Saurik) that enables APPLE users on “jailbroken” devices to customize their iDEVICES by allowing them to install Applications that are not available in the Apple store market. Cydia is basically a substitute to APPLE app store for “jailbroken” devices which limits the activity of the user. Unlike other apps it is not accessible on the app store of APPLE, nor it is a website, it is installed on your device by using a “jailbroken” tools such as “PANGU” or “TAIG”. In March 2009, Cydia store was open for the Users.


The purpose in designing the Cydia was to make iPHONE more users friendly and providing all the features that other operating systems are providing to their customers. Cydia basically using Advanced Packing Tool (APT) repositories to install applications that are not available in the app store.


The main feature that makes Cydia special is that it also provides the possibility to get the applications without the need of “jaibroken” process. It’s fast and reliable; the simple thing which needs to remember while installing the Cydia is the correct Cydia version for your IOS. Every platform has its own pros and cons but at the end you need to focus on only one main benefit it provides that it does not need “jailbreak” your cell phone to download Cydia as some users don’t want to revoked the warranty, as the consequence  this  process will give you chance to download the Cydia. Cydia installer allows you to install cydia; this is the easiest and simplest way to install Cydia for your iPHONE.

Software available through Cydia

Some applications are free on Cydia and some are paid. Applications download by Cydia gone to the same default memory as downloaded by APPLE’s store. Some applications available on the Cydia are the standard applications some are basics extensions and adds-on to the IOS interface .Cydia give access to the APPLE users to find out and install open source packages and also let them for purchase modifications for “Jailbroken” iPHONE.

Download Cydia

Method – 1

Simply open the SAFARI browser on your iPHONE and directly install the Cydia icon on your device, SAFARI browser is specifically designed to download the Cydia app. This method will not work on any other browser like Chrome or Firefox.

Method – 2

The second method is “Evasion jailbreak” to install the Cydia store on iPHONE.

Method – 3

Next jailbreaking tool is “Taig jailbreak” and a method to install the Cydia store. It requires computer connectivity.

Method – 4

The last method of downloading the Cydia requires “Pangu jailbreak” tool for jailbreaking and allow users to install Cydia.

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