iPhoneCake iOS 8.1.2 – Download Cydia iPA installer for iOS 8, iOS 8.1.2, iOS 8.2

Cydia is one the most reliable apps available for jailbroken iPhones. It provides users with a variety of apps for their iPhone. No doubt that it is the most recommended too owing to its ease of use. Cydia has been a benefit for iPhone users. One good app available on Cydia for your jailbroken iPhone is the iPA installer. With the cydia iPA installer It is very easy to download cracked cydia apps and games to your iPhone without using the PC or sync.

Download iPA installer for iOS 8, iOS 8.1.2 Cydia Tweak

Users who have not jailbroken their iPhone need not worry. There is a work around for that too. The iPA installer can also be downloaded if you have not jailbroken your iPhone. In this case there are many options available since you can do it through any PC application like the Zeusmos or iFunbox and iPAstore.

If your iPhone is jailbroken then the Cydia iPA installer for iOS 8 is the most recommended tweak; and yes, there are more than a few ways by which you can download iPA installer but the one given below is the easiest.

Steps to follow in order to download iPA installer for iOS 8

Step 1:  Assuming that you have already installed Cydia, open the Cydia Store.

Step 2: Go to the Search Tab and type “iPA installer” on the search bar. You will find the installer listed on the screen.

iPA file installer cydia

Step 3: You can download the file by clicking on the install button, hit confirm and wait till the installation completes automatically.

Why should I download the Cydia iPA installer? without Jailbreak

Best Apps for downloding cydia iPA installer for iOS 8 is one incredibly handy cydia tweak available on the Cydia platform to download and access paid apps and games that are otherwise unavailable on the app store without Jailbreak. Using the iPA installer you can also manage all the iPA files on your iPhone. Games, apps and themes all in one place so that you have no problem finding your files.

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Though this cydia tweak is recommended if your iPhone is jailbroken, this is a remarkable feature which makes the installer and file manager a little outdated even if your iPhone is not jailbroken. And some sources say that this won’t be available for a long period so download is recommended that you get it today. This app will definitely be one of the top 5 tweaks that you downloaded for your iPhone after you start using it for your iOS 8.  And since it is made available by Cydia Tweaks, it is a highly dependable one.