4 ways to download app store apps for free (appstore, appcake, appadict, zeusmos)

Here is the Four Best Methods to Download App Store Apps For Free from Cydia repos. There are a huge number of apps that are available in the app store for free. And in some cases the apps are completely free, while in some scenarios the apps are available in demos, trials or lite versions of the premium products. If you are able to get your hand at the paid apps for free, it will be definitely beneficial for you to save a lot of money in the long run.

Best ways to Download App Store Apps for Free

1) Appstore

Download App Store Apps for Free

  1. Open the App Store
  2. Sign in to Apple ID: you will need to sigh in with your Apple email id for downloading the different apps. If you don’t have apple ID, you can create Apple ID without credit Card.
  3. Browse for App: Browse your desired app from the huge collection of the featured apps. There are also a lot of categories that you will find interesting while selecting your preferred apps. Look out for the free apps category or you can also search by inputting specific app names.
  4. If you select an app that notifies regarding the in-app purchase, this means that, the full functionality of the app will be available after making the complete purchase.

2) Appcake

Download and Install AppCake

  1. Jailbreak Device: In order to use Appcake, your device must have a jailbreak that comprises of Cydia pre installed in it. But remember that if you make the use of jailbreak it would void the warranty and when
  2. Download and Install AppSync: you need a warranty services, you must restore it to avail the on-warranty services. You will need to install AppSync from cydia download to use the appcake software.
  3. Download and Install AppCake: From the appcake you will be able to use the cracked apps that have been uploaded by other users. Download options are available directly on any iOS device. Appcake is not able to host an app of their own, thus, the cracked apps are uploaded by the users to the file storage services.
  4. Download File and Install the App: While you select an app, you will be able to have a list of certain uploaded apps.

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3) Appaddict

Download and Install Appaddict

The installation of Appaddict also requires the same process that is required in the appcake.

  1. Your devices must have Jailbreak.
  2. Download and Install AppSync.
  3. Which means you will require installing the AppSync and after that opening the safari on your device for navigating to the Appaddict homepage.
  4. After you are able to download the slider, appaddict will be installed in you device. Then you will be able to browse a huge number of your preferred apps.

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4) Zeusmos

Download and Install Zeusmos

The installation process for Zeusmos is same as that of the previous apps mentioned above.

  1. Must have your device as Jailbreak.
  2. Download and Install AppSync: AppSync must be installed in your device for the proper usage of Zeusmos.
  3. Install Zeusmos: After installing AppSync, you will need to open Cydia and add a repo that contains Zeusmos and after that Zeusmos will be installed in your device.
  4. Once the app is installed, you will be able to browse through different categories of apps. Tap the menu button to have a glance at them.

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