Does your iPhone 6s Home Button Becomes Too Hot? You are not alone!


I have experienced the couple of bugs since that I got my iPhone 6s as it randomly getting stuck and its home button not function properly at all and also the device battery is draining just in a 1 hour as in the standby mode.  The most particular bug which is quite serious is the home button at it become too hot within no time. When it happened first time, I just simply rebooted my iPhone device and the quickly the problem is went away. The home button is become hotter again just after a month and this time not only the home button is become hotter it also stuck the iPhone device and turned the screen white.

This time I simply restart my iPhone by simply using the reboot technique and the problem is went away and not return again to this day. I think that this was an isolated occurrence until I notice that today a new Reddit thread with the same issue is experiencing by the user on the iPhone 6s Plus. I decided to go online and search out that the other users had the similar issue or not. I come to know that the home button is getting too hot is not the new problem and the problem is been existing since its launch.

There are many threads on the forums of Apple Support and the several users complaining about it and also show concerns regarding the very same issue. The users are complaining at the social media and the users are also talking on the Twitter and complaining about it.

Apple has yet to the acknowledge issue as the 9 months is passed and fix for it. There is uncertainty that either they know about it  and there is also a doubt that they considering the amount of threads, tweets and articles which have been written about this particular issue and spread over the social media. If it is true that as the Apple hasn’t fixed the issue then it may not be the any software bug, but it really need to do something with the second generation Touch ID home button which is debuted with the iPhone 6s.

So what you should do to encounter the similar problem as your Home button is becoming too hot? There is nothing much better than that to reboot your device. Is your device is become stuck then press the power button and at the same time press the home button and hold it for a few second until it become turns-off. Once it become turn-off then turn-on it back again and hope that the issue should have been gone which is albeit temporarily.

Does your iPhone 6s Home Button Becomes Too Hot You are not alone!