Does Killing apps increase iPhone battery life? The answer is; Nope


One of the leading challenges today the human race faces is the poor battery life of Smartphones and some other similar gadgets. In order to resolve the problem the people we have seen resorting to the remedies that might be add few hours to usage time of their iPhone’s. The most commonly used method is the closing all apps that are no longer used but it also stressed several times by doing this will not help. Actually the killing apps from the app switcher screen can potentially distress the battery life in the harmful way.

Now you are become aware that how a simple act of closing the application that contribute towards the reducing of the battery life instead of increasing it. This is in-fact how the iOS deal with the resources and multitasking algorithm that run the whole lot. There are 5 states that any app can be in on any iOS without any matter of fact either it is running or not as it detailed by wired.

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The first state is apparently in which the app itself is not running all. The second state which is called the active state when it appears on the screen while you are using it. The third is when you move from one app to another  or return back to the home screen which is called the inactive state is the transitional stage after which the app is become suspended. The fourth state is the background state when the app is working in the background while it is not active on screen. The fifth and final state is the suspended state when the app is suspended by the operation system as it has been inactive for the period of time.

Advance memory management techniques are used in the iOS such as the algorithms that makes sure that no app will be use the resources that included the data, memory along with the battery when they need. This technique automatically droop the app without conforming any action from the user at any suitable time. So when you shut the Facebook app and then open it again just after 5 minutes and you repeat the process multiple times again and again you are forcing you iPhone to load the all Facebook content again that will cause the battery damage.

Instead of the re-open the app again and again it is better to leave the apps switcher and let the iOS to do its job of managing them. This act will not increase the life of your battery but make your iPhone to run fast and it stopping to loading any unnecessarily apps. This feature also applies to iPod and iPad touch devices.