Difference between the 9.7-inch iPad Pro and 12.9-inch model


Apple has officially disclose the 9.7-inch iPad Pro and the device has very much similar to the larger 12.9-inch model while there are some notable differences that frustrating the larger model users and the encourage to iPad Air 2 users to up-grade their devices. Although the processing power is same as the both tablets are featured from the Apple’s A9X powerful chipset.

Display & Dimensions


  • The most apparent difference is the screen size and the resolution of the devices. The 9.7-inch Pro device had contain the resolution of 2048×1536 with 265ppi whereas the 12.9-inch model has resolution with 2732×2048 with 264ppi. The lesser iPad featured with the wider color scale and True Tone tech display for best color in several settings.
  • The smaller iPad 9.7-inch display featured with the wider color show and the true tone that makes this device better then the display of 12.9-inch model.
  • The smaller 9.7-inch iPad display assures that it is good and well and smaller than the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. The previous one is 240mm high, 169.5mm wider and 6.1mm slim and the newer one is 305.7mm high in length, 220.6 mm wider and 6.9mm slim.
  • The dimension of the two tablets differs from each other. The 12.9-inch Pro measures 12-inch × 68-inch × 0.27-inch and containing the weighs of 1.57 pounds while the 9.7” Pro stands for 9.4-inch × 66.6-inch ×0.24-inch and holds the weighed of 0.96 pound. So, the smaller iPad Pro device is 0.03” thinner and half a pound less weighs.


To See More


  • The 9.7-inch iPad Pro uses the iSight camera that is same to be found in the iPhone 6s. It means that the smaller uses the 12MP, 1.22u shooter pixels with the f/2.2 aperture and the 12.9” iPad Pro use only 8MP with the shooter pixel of f/2.4 aperture.
  • The smaller 12MP shooter features the navy crystal lens covers that enhance the local tone mapping and reduce the noise and all these features are missed by the larger iPad Pro.
  • The smaller tablet is competent to record the videos with the 4K resolutions, the full HD at the 60fps and slo-mo equal to the 240fps. In contrast the larger iPad only able to record the vides in the HD resolution just at the 30fps and slo-mo up to the 120fps.
  • The front camera of the 9.7” iPad Pro is the much better than the larger iPad Pro. The previous features shoot for 5MP with the f/2.2 aperture while the larger shoot for the 1.2 MP with the f/2.2 aperture.
  • The increased camera space in the 9.7” iPad Pro come at some cost but it features the camera lump which is not containing by the larger iPad Pro.



There is also a difference between the batteries of the two tablets. The 9.7” model contains the power of 27.5 watt-hour battery with lithium-polymer while the 12.9” model has the battery of 38.5-Watt-hour.

Colors, Storage and Pricing


  • The 9.7” iPod is available in 4 different colors such as Gold, Silver, Rose Gold and Space Gray and the 12.9” IPad is available in all except the Rose Gold color.
  • The 9.7” iPad is available in 128 GB with the 25 GB variants and the 12.9” holds the storage option of 256 GB. The smaller also offered the 32 GB storage space with the LTE connectivity.
  • The smaller 9.7” iPad has cost for just US $ 599 and the 12.9” larger iPad price is US $ 799.