Decorus Tweak Brings iOS 10 Style Control Centre to iOS 9

Decorus Tweak Brings iOS 10 Style Control Centre to iOS 9

Do you truly like the new appearance of the Control Centre featured in the iOS 10 and really wants to get installed on your Jailbroken iOS 9 devices. If the answer is yes, then check out this newly released Decorus tweak from Cydia. The new hack which simply brings the iOS 10 style kind of similar Control Centre to iOS 9 which also including the separate, smaller size and rounded edges as well as the 2nd page for the Music Controls. You get the closest experience with this new tweak to the some extent to iOS 10 Control Centre.

The new tweak also offers several other configuration options which are available through the Settings app. You will get the new look of the Control Centre after installing the new tweak as you can see the screenshots which are just above the new Control Centre only the one section below. The music Widget is transfer to the second page which is also accessible through the swipe gesture. Although the Music page appears similar to the real iOS 10 cc while on the very first page you will see the different iOS 9 default Control Centre. Some of the new floats appear on the screen in spite of opening them like a drawer.

All the edges are separated from all 3 sides and all the corners are rounded. The new Decorus tweak also enables users to customize to new look of their Control Centre. The user of the iOS 10 can also change the colours of the UI elements and can change the background colour and give them many colours and shapes. The users are also enable to choose the different appearances from the pages Music controls.  There are many other amazing options and settings which are available through the Settings app.

The new Decorus tweak is available for US $ 0.99 on the Cydia through the BigBoss repo. The tweak is fully compatible with the iOS 9 or the latest.