Debut of WiFi and USB ports operational buses in Queens


It looks like there is no need for citizens of New York to wait to witness those ultra-modern buses that Andrew Cuomo who is the state Governor assured previous month. In addition to extraordinary “subway stations” that have WiFi connections in them, the “Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA)” is also on the final stages to deploy 70 WiFi -ready buses as their first installment in the second or may be the third quarter of 2016 in Queens. The latest automobiles will also be equipped with almost 55 USB ports for charging and three LCD screens that will announce and flashes stop broadcasts, movements and further information.

Soon after its unveiling in Queens, the MTA look forward to other 70 buses to initiate working in Brooklyn, 18 in Manhattan and 209 in the Bronx in the next two years or so. The organization strategizes to launch 2,042 advanced public buses to replace 40% of its existing fleet. The meaning of this is not this at all that New Yorkers have to struggle or even fight for the WiFi signals or most importantly to charge their phones. The MTA is modifying its previous buses with the similar facilities (WiFi + USB) as well and intends to be completed by 2017’s end.

This will be a great improvement in the daily life of the citizens of New York.