Customize iPhone App Switcher with Lylac Cydia Tweak

iPhone App Switcher with Lylac Cydia Tweak

After “Jailbreaking” your IOS 9 now you are able to download number of tweaks and can personalize your phone. At start some tweaks were not compatible with the IOS jailbreak but now excessive number of tweaks and apps are compatible with the IOS 9 which you can download from the Cydia. In this article we will discuss one of the trending tweaks available for IOS device which helps you personalize your phone and enhance your overall experience of using your iPhone.


Lylac Cydia tweak

Lylac Cydia tweak

This tweak allows you to use two interfaces at single time on your phone, App Switcher and Control Action. Instead of accessing app switcher and control action separately this tweak merges these two interfaces that one couldn’t have imagined.


New iPhone 6 and 6s has 3D touch which allows users to press hard on left side of the screen to switch between the apps.  Lilac tweak also gives handy addition to this 3D gesture, now users can press the right side of the iPhone’s screen which also give access users invoke app switcher because we naturally hold phone on our right hand. With the help of this Lylac tweak you can close background running apps by simply swipe up your finger on the screen and can invoke additional options by simply swipe down your finger on the screen.

Lylac Cydia tweak

Apart from these features this tweak has also many other features like respiring, killing apps, reboot, and have ability to perform many other similar tasks. One of the best features of the tweak is that you can set wallpaper in the background of the App switcher.

You can download this tweak from the BigBoss Repo in Cydia store. As this tweak has a lot features so it has some price as well, you can purchase this tweak in $1.99 In order to reap the benefits of it.