Beware: the highly convincing Apple ID SMS scam wants to steel you login information


Apple users have the strangers which target and scam their iCloud accounts. The ID of Apple is the most important online ID, the iPhone users hold. From the iPhone ID the hackers are able to get access to your messages, emails, contacts, photos and much more. The scammers naturally try some different way to access your account and now day the hackers are becoming creative. Just recently the new scam was revealed on the “Reddit” which targets the unsuspecting users of iPhone.

The Scam SMS smartly tells their users that his iCloud account or ID is due to become deactivated or become expired in order to discontinue of all this happening as they to get access to their account. The user also receives the text message which has the URL and helps the user to Sign-in. The webpage and the URL is looks like similar for the web properties of Apple and when the user enter his username and password to get access to their account, the all of the information of the account is stolen right away.

The scam process is not finish here and it further proceeds and tells the user that your account is currently locked and you need to enter the further information to unlock it again. A long form is presented to the user and requesting to enter highly sensitive information such as the name of user, dates of birth, telephone number, address and most importantly the details of user’s credit cart.

There are 2 different websites which makes the rounds such as the and the, but the good sign is that the both are appears to be down right now. However this will not finish them and not abandon permanently as they will appear soon with some other method or way.

The users of Apple need to make sure that don’t let your Apple ID and the other most sensitive information and no need to click on any scam emails or the text messages for any matter. It because the Apple has no need to send their users any SMS which telling them your Apple ID it been deactivated or its been expired and most importantly they don’t ask for the any detail for the any information related to the user’s Credit Card.