Top 5 Best WinterBoard themes for iOS 8 – TaiG Jailbreak

Jailbreaking the Apple iOS 8 device has become a regular norm these days as people rejoice over the number of apps and tweaks they are able to download on their jailbroken gadgets. A number of jailbreak applications have been made already available for iOS 8 and a constellation of new ones are being made available very frequently to help take complete advantage of the hardware features of the iPhone, iPad.

Though Apple company keeps introducing new features every now and then to limit the act of jailbreaking the gadgets, people still find ways to take advantage of its walled garden. Jailbreaking the iOS 8.2 is not possible as of yet, atleast until this is being written.

So, all devices that have been jailbroken using TaiG jailbreak tool for iOS 8 to iOS 8.1.2 or iOS 8.2 beta 1 and beta 2 are eligilble to use these winterboard themes. If you are on iOS 8.2, then you might want to check in to the Semi-Jailbreak process mentioned on Pangu Team’s official website, you may find a bit of solace there.

iOS 8 Winterboard Themes Jailbreak for iPhone and iPad

These are the Best WinterBoard themes for iOS 8 that we have liked.

Top 5 Best WinterBoard Themes for iOS 8, iPhone and iPad:


Ayecon is one of best, beautifully done themes that is available for iPhone and also for iPad. This theme is available with more than hundred custom defined icons and acts as a mes to all other themes. It tends to create a happy medium between good features of iOS 7 and that of iOS8. There is scope for status bar icons, message applications and a lot more with this theme and is available for $3.

Ayecon Winterboard Theme for iOS 8, iPhone and iPad


This theme focuses of the flat aspects of iOS 8 and does not work on bringing the texture and depth back on the iPhone.This theme is featured with clocks and tweaks the entire system including settings, mail and features a completely new icon set.

ABest yeris Winterboard Theme for iOS 8, iPhone and iPad


This is yet another flat theme for the iPhone running on iOS8 that does not alter its aesthetic desires but aims on enhancing the iOS to make it better. The theme adds a clean icon mask and is featured with a number of custom defined icons. Its designs and shadows are neatly co-ordinated and it features a sophisticated look to the operating system. It extends its hands on the settings panel and include a PSD template for creating own icons of the user.

Zanilla Winterboard Themes for iOS 8

Flat 7:

This theme is one of the favourites for many iPhone users for it is concerned with complete theming of the iOS. The theme focuses on flat icons with round edged squares and features a circular icon options as well. Users also have the freedom to choose a hexagonal mask to add a new flair to the device.

Flat7 Winterboard Theme for iOS 8, iPhone and iPad


This is a miniature theme that is offered with more than 100 customized icons, the theme is colourful, bold that most icons featured on the iPhone. It is possible to customize the message app and status bar with the help of this application.

iRA Winterboard Theme for iOS 8, iPhone and iPad, iRA ios 8


This is one of the flattest themes that any user would expect for. The Ultraflat designs for iPhone are ready to be used and do not require any customization and they blend in with the iPhone quite well. This particular theme does not alter the dimensions of icons in anyway and these icons that have been customized to blend with the iPhone quite well.

Zanilla winterboard themes for iOS 8, iphone and ipad

The above mentioned are some of the best winterboard themes for ios 8 on jailbroken iPhones and iPad as of now, while a lot more could be anticipated in the near future. Please voice out your opinions in the comments below.