Best Web Browsers For iPhone And iPad iOS

Web Browsers For iPhone And iPad iOS

Most of people use phone only for the purpose of browsing. Browsing is something that users do most of the time so users want the efficient browser that is fast and free from the bugs. If you have iPhone then you must notice that Safari is the default browser in the iPhone but it has some issues as well and users want to switch to the new browser. There are number of third party browsers from which you can choose. To install the third party browser, first you have to jailbreak your phone and then install Cydia tweak “Browser Changer” that will help to change the browser. In this article we will give you the list of the browsers that are good for iPhone you must have these browsers on your phone if you are looking for the alternative browsers on the iPhone.

Google Chrome

As we use most of the Google services those recommend us to use Google chrome browser. If anyone has used the Google chrome browser before on the PC or desktop he or she must be aware of the features that Google chrome provides. It is one of the most popular browsers among PC or desktop users and provides number of features like smooth access to the network, private browsing, search history and much more. If you are looking for the browser other than Safari on your iPhone then this is a good option which you go for.


Atomic Web browser                   

The next browser in our list is “Atomic” its not free browse you can purchase it in $2. As it is paid app so it comes with many extra features like Ad blocking, Dropbox support, private mode, capability to download and expand zipped archives, password administration and much more. It has also many themes. So this is also one of the best browsers exclusively designed for iPhone and iPad users who prefer complete customization and control.


Dolphin browser

Dolphin browser is also good alternative of Safari browser for the iPhone users which can be download from the app store for free. It has a lot features like speed dial, Dolphin connect, syncing between mobile and desktop, sonar, and more. One noticeable feature of dolphin browser is gesture that you can launch different websites with just draw a single line or symbol.


Mercury Web browser

Next browser in our list is “Mercury”. This browser has number of useful features that every browser must carry to be efficient like syncing to Dropbox integration, full screen browsing, Air print support, and file sharing capabilities and much more. You can download this browser from the app store for free.



Puffin Web browser

This browser has also a lot of interesting features like it has adobe flash support. If Puffin is not installed on your phone and you have opened the Flash-based websites then the other browsers will normally show the empty screen but if you have Puffin browser on your phone it will help you there. It also helps users in fast browsing where data connection signals are weak and uses are facing with the speed problem, it helps you to enjoy fast browsing even if you have slow internet. This is not the free browser and can cost you about $4 but puffin browser is only for the U.S users.


So there are number of browsers available on the store you can go for of your choice.