Best sources for iOS 9 Jailbreak

Sources of Cydia are the means to inform Cydia from which place to find further apps. The further Cydia sources you contain the more apps of Cydia you can establish. Enhance your Repository of Cydia of immense apps by means of the most excellent Cydia Sources accessible in 2016 for iOS 9.2, iOS 9.1, iOS 9 and iOS 8. To insert a source in Cydia simply go Manage/Sources/Edit/Add and copy paste the repo URL in that box as of the list given below.

Following are the best sources for iOS Jailbreak:

BiteYourApple Repo


This source is extensively utilized for apps, tweaks, ringtones, cheats, themes, cracks and games.


 xSellize Repo


This source is known for the games repo. As of XSellize source you can get apps like Activator, AdBlocker and AirBlue Sharing.

Famous xsellize apps are YourTube, Zephyr, Mario, iFile, Angry Birds, AppSync, Dreamboard, Barrel


 BigBoss Repo


This is named as BigBoss for not anything. This source is the major source accessible here. Developers in hundreds of quantity are employed here to fetch the most modern in the market of iOS. Several tweaks from this place allow you modify the system your Device feels and looks. In the midst of these apps and tweaks you can locate Bloard, BetrFoldr and even Bigifi.


 ModMyi Repo


ModMyi is by default in Cydia so you do not need to discern the source URL. All the major cydia apps are accessible in it. Apps similar to BytaFont 2 that allows you modify the existing font of your device, or taking care that the battery will endure serious usage is BatterySafe.

Famous ModMyi apps: Barrel, iFile, SBSettings, Live Clock, Gridlock, Notifier Pro, WinterBoard, MyWi, CyDelete and No Spot


 Insanelyi Repo


If you are questioning on the subject of apps of Cydia? Insanelyi is the best option, simply anything you can think of is accessible here.


 SiNful iPhone Repo


Similar to Haculo, SiNful can fetch to you the largest source in favor of cracked applications. Apps such as Appcake, vShare or Installous will assist you to get several non-paid apps for iPhone.


 iPhoneCake Repo


Also See : Protonix Tweak enables you to Perform the Different Actions by Typing Keywords

This is the best source for those who are addicted to mobile gaming. Careful by means of the sugar as here you can discover the best of the games. If you love Mario this is your place. Available here is nes4iPhone, similar to DirtBikeMX or Nintendo game.


 vShare Repo



This has the strongest repos for iOS. Ever listened to Dreamboard or Winterboard? If yes than you should know this is the source. If you wish for to totally modify your apple device than vShare repo.

URL: Repo


This repo is accountable for CCHide that helps you alter the CC as you desire, CleverPin tweak related to passcode and DockShift to alter the Dock obtainable when filching from the base of iPhone.




This repo is new in my top list but is extremely influential. A society supported tweak compilation to modify in deepness of your iPad.