Best Password Managers For iPhone iOS 8 and IOS 9

In this era of hackers and hacking, it is difficult to secure our personal data and passwords. Although Apple has spent millions of dollars to make its devices more secure and keep the user’s data secure from intruders like iCloud which conform your identity before accessing to the data but this is not enough we have different accounts with different passwords which we have to keep secure and remembered so, here we need some third party password mangers which developed to keep the data more secure. So password mangers are handy for those users having different accounts and different passwords, these password manger saves and keep your password and data secure than ever before and also helps uers to save different credit cards numbers and address etc

In this article we will explain that which password manager is best and you must go for, if you are searching for a good password manger. Here is the list of some trending password mangers

LastPass premium

This password manager has two version, free and other is paid version .The free version is good for password management and keeping your data more secure and among one of the best password managers. Other version is paid, as it is the paid version so it also comes with some extra features as well. But if you are looking for the best password manger for free then you can download its free version and can make your data secure.


If we are talking about the best Password managers then you must try “1Password” which I am personally using and recommended you. It is best so far which allow users to save passwords as well as credit card information. It create the complex password which contains different alphabets, numeric and symbols. You can also browse directly from the app and use your stored password directly.

Sticky password premium

Third in our list is “Sticky password” which has all the useful and basic features which you expect from a password manager. While installation first times on the device you need to register it wait your E mail account. During installation it imports the password from the browsers which is supported by Sticky password and also imports the passwords from different password mangers as well.

Splash ID

Next in our list is “Splash ID” which provides different features like “secure passwords, credit card numbers, syncing option and many more features and the best thing is its free. The unique feature which this password manger provides and not other provides is that it keeps your password sync using your local Wi-Fi network. Along with this feature this password manger also provides syncing option for iCloud and touch ID login.


Last password manger in our list is “Dashlane” which has recently updated with the many new features like Touch id Authentication, it also integrates with the Safari. You all need to remember one master password of the Dashlane and which must contains at least 8 letters and contain upper and lower letters to make it stronger. This master password will protect all your other credentials. Once install you can easily import passwords from browsers you use like Safari, chrome etc.

So if you are looking for a best password managers on your iPhone try one of these.