Best Methods to Download Torrents on iPad without Jailbreak

Torrents are useful in downloading heavy files and at better speeds. Torrent’s speed is not dependent on your connection, as all it needs is good porting and that is what determines the speed as you can get nearly 5 Mbps on your downloads. Android has a lot of apps supporting downloading from torrent sites, but Apple does not support the entry of such apps in the App store. So either to download torrents, your device needs to be jail broken, or better, just follow the simple steps below and download torrents on iPad, without jailbreaking!

Download Torrents on iPad without jailbreak using

iTransmission 4.6

This step is pretty simple; you need to go visit from Safari, from where you can download emulators for your iPad. For this to work make sure you change your date & Time settings, change the automatic settings and set the current date to somewhere of an year back from the current one. That done, from the site, install the iTransmission which is a native BitTorrent client onto your device. Within seconds it will start downloading and the torrent app icon would appear on your app screen.Download Torrents on iPad

Launch iTransmission and visit your regular torrent file site and select the desired torrent, and hold down on the ‘Download Torrent” button to get an option of “Copy”. Copy the URL of the desired torrent and go back to your iTransmission. On the iTransmission page, click on the “Add” options available and paste the copied URL there. Your torrent would start downloading on your iPad and wait for it to finish and open the file. Your download would be successful with this method.

Get torrent files via iDownloader on your iPad without jailbreak


From the app store you need to have the iDownloader download manager on your device. So download this and get it installed on to your iPad. Now visit your regular torrent site, and make sure it is in working condition.

iDownloader App

Now launch iDownloader and use the browser on the manager to go to the torrent you wish to download. Now on the torrent site, for e.g. or etc., press the download button provided and an option to ‘Copy” would emerge. Once you have copied the URL from the torrent site, open this site “” and in the URL field, paste the copied URL, which will create a download link for you. The download link will have a down arrow; just tap on it and you get another ‘Download ‘option there. So just click on download and simply download the file via torrent to your iPad.

Both these methods work to download torrent file without having to jail break your device.