Best LockScreen Tweaks for iOS 8 – iOS 8.2

So after a prolonged use of my iPhone, I don’t how many times in the day do I lock / unlock my phone. Anyways, some of us can get bored of the same monotonous lock screen on our phones, and the ‘Slide to Unlock” text seems like it’s been there for eternity. There are a few tweaks available to change or customize this lock screen on your phone, so you can change the look, make some cool changes and customize the overall feature.
Let’s look at some of the best lock screen tweaks for your iOS device.

Best Lockscreen Tweak for iOS 8

Best LockScreen Tweaks for iOS 8 – iOS 8.2

SubtleLock Tweak for LockScreen on iOS Device

SubtleLock Lockscreen Cydia Tweak iOS 8

The SubtleLock tweak is available for purchase, and is designed so that you can make some cool changes to your lock screen. Go to your tweak settings and open the SubtleLock settings, wherein you can make wholesome changes to the lock screen’s look and feel. SubtleLock lets you hide date, change font style, font color etc. You can also customize the text on the screen and insert your own. More options include hiding camera grabber and enable fade notifications, etc. Tap on the respring button and your changes are saved.

Atom Tweak for Lockscreen on iOS Device

Atom Lockscreen Cydia Tweak iOS 8

Atom is another tweak to customize your Lock Screen. Here you can open many of your apps from the lock screen. So using settings of the Atom Tweak, add the apps you want to start from your lock screen.

GrabberApp8 Tweak for iOS Device Screenlock Tweak

Grabberapp8 Lockscreen Cydia Tweak iOS 8

The GrabberApp8 tweak will let you change the functionality of the camera grabber on your lock screen. So instead of just working the camera, you can add any app you want in its place. The tweak lets you add another app on the left hand side grabber. You can customize it from the tweak settings and change what you want in place of the regular camera grabber; say for example you can add a messenger or a calculator. This app is available for free.

BerryC8 Tweak for Screenlock on iOS Device

Berryc8 Lockscreen Cydia Tweak iOS 8


Berry C8 is another cool tweak for your iPhone lock screen. With this tweak you can add shortcuts to your favorite apps right from the lock screen. In your tweak settings choose the app you want on the lock screen and enable it. When you are on your lock screen, all you got to do is drag the app to the home button and your app opens from there itself. Have up to 12 shortcuts to be placed on the lock screen, and customize the same with changing icon sizes.

Lock Screen Extender

Lockscreen Extender Cydia Tweak iOS 8

This is very similar to the SubtleLock tweak, as you can customize the looks, by changing fonts, sizes and the positions of various items on your lock screen. For instance change the position of your clock or insert your own slider text.