Best iOS 9 Lockscreen Cydia Tweaks for iPhone and iPad

Cydia tweaks allows you to customize and personalize your iPhone according to your own choice and breaks all the boundaries set by the Apple, that all you require to jailbreak your cell phone and enjoy unlimited number of tweaks and apps on your phone. With the jailbreak of IOS 9 number of new tweaks have been released which are compatible with the IOS 9. In this article we will discuss the lockscreen tweaks available on the Cydia and that are compatible with the IOS 9. Bored from the default Lock screen of the iPhone?? Apple provides very little customization to the lockscreen we cannot add the widgets on the lockscreen, just notifications and a clock can be seen in the lockscreen. But thanks to the Jailbreak community we can personalize our lockscreen by downloading new Cydia tweaks on the iPhone. So here is the list of some new lockscreen Cydia tweaks which is compatible with the IOS 9 and you must go for in order to personalize your phone’s lockscreen.

1) BerryC8

The first lockscreen Cydia tweak for the IOS 9 in our list is “BerryC8”. With the help of this tweak you can add 12 applications on your lockscreen. You can easily add your favorite apps from its preferences menu in the setting app. This tweak is available on the BigBoss repo for free from where you can download it easily.

2) LockGlyph


Apple pay was added in IOS 8 and have more additional features in IOS 9 which offer users a great animations when used with the screen. If you adore that feature you must have download this lockscreen tweak. After applying this Cydia tweak on your phone you will be perceive a sound with finger print animations every time you unlock the screen. This tweak is available on the BIgBosss Repo and can be downloaded for free.

3) LockSpeed


This tweak is very handy in the emergency as this tweak allow users to add favorite contacts to your lockscreen and make a call or messages to them without going into the contacts. This is the paid tweak which can be purchased from the BigBoss repo in $1.99

4) Lock Screen tool


Next in our list is “Lock screen tool” tweak. With the help of this tweak you can add text on the lock screen instead of “slide to unlock” and can prank your friends anytime with funny text. You can easily get this tweak can be downloaded from BigBoss repo and it is compatible with IOS 9.

5) CleanLock


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Next the tweak which you go for is “CleanLock”. This tweak allows you hide your notification on the lockscreen and keeps your data hidden by simply tapping on the right side of the screen. This tweaks also helps users to turn on and turn off the notification of their desired app on the lockscreen.

6) Subtlelock


Last in our list is “SubtleLock.”This tweak is specifically designed to customize your Lock screen and make it more eyes catchy. With the help this tweak you can change the size, font and color of your lockscreen and interestingly the appearance of clock and slider. This is a paid repo an can be purchased from the BIgBoss repo in $1
So here the top trending Cydia lockscreen tweaks, if you want to personalize your lockscreen go for them without wasting your time.