Best Fix to iPhone automatically starts

IPhone is leading brand in the smartphones industry having most of the customers loyalty other then any brands, and most loved smart phone in the industry by far .However It does have its own drawbacks as well and the most common drawback reported by iPhone users is that iPhone keeps restarting itself, its very annoying to see your device restarts automatically without your notice. So if you are iPhone user and facing the same issue then try these some useful guidelines to fix the issue.

Defective applications on your iPhone

Sometimes defective applications on your phone can cause phone to restart. These applications usually drain more power and force your phone to restart and updated on the regular basis. So it is necessary to check your installed applications and uninstall those which you hardly use. After uninstalling the applications reboot your phone once and see whether the issue solved or not.

Factory reset your iPhone

If you are facing the issue of restarting on your iPhone, then rest your phone by going into the settings. It will erase all your data including contacts, messages, applications etc so make it sure you have backup of the data it will take your cell to default settings.

Turn On/Turn Off cell phone

This is the simplest way to fix the problem whether it solved your problem or nor you should try it once. Turn off the cellular and then turn it on. Many users have fixed this problem by doing this.

Reboot your device

You can also fix the issue by rebooting your device by simultaneously holding the Power key and Home key for few seconds until the Apple logo appears on the screen of your iPhone. After Reboot your phone see your problem has been fixed or not.

Restore your device from old Backup

If you have not fix the issue till now then try this method. Connect your iPhone with the iTunes on the system and restore your device from the old backup. Probably this method will help you to solve your problem.

Battery replacement

Sometimes it happens that battery creates problem and force your phone to restart again and again. This solution is not possible for most of the users; you have to take your cell phone to Apple customer service in order to replace the battery but doing so you can fix the issue.