Best Cydia Call recorder tweaks for iOS 8 2015 – Cydia Tweaks

If you have been using a jailbroken device then you might know some of the best cydia tweaks that are completely compatible and working on the iOS device without any problems. The cydia has made it possible for their customers to customize almost every part of the iOS 8 with its feature rich OS and has brought a lot of improvements than the previous version which was of iOS 7.

Three Best Call Recorder Cydia Tweaks of iOS 8 2015

Call Recorder Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8 - iOS 8.4 2015

In this article we are going to provide you with certain cydia call recorder tweaks for the iOS 8 devices. And also if you have been looking for the list of the best cydia tweak apps compatible with iOS 8 then you must check out the post. It has been observed that there are a lot of tweaks that are available but not all of them satisfy the purpose completely. All you need to do is weave through our list of call recorder tweaks for cydia iOS 8 and start installing them one by one.

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IOS call recorder cydia tweak for iOS 8

The best cydia tweak that is available in the present market is the iOS call recorder cydia tweak. This is supported by the devices starting from iPhone 4s to the latest iPhone 6+ running on iOS 8. The only backdrop of using this app on the iPhone 4 is you need to turn on the speaker for recording the calls. Though the tweak is a paid one but it costs only $3.99 which is really appreciable for such an app providing so many features.

IntCall call recorder Cydia tweak for iOS 8

This can be definitely said to be another amazing call recorder tweak available for the cydia iOS 8. The best part is, the design is really amazing and the UI is so beautiful that we bet you are going to like it. With this application you will be able to record both the incoming and outgoing calls without any effort. You can install this tweak by searching “IntCall” over the cydia.

Google voice call recorder Cydia tweak for iOS 8

This was first prepared for the android users and after observing its immense potential, the developers prepared for the iOS device also along with same features and functionalities. If you are opting to give it a try, then you should definitely search for the “Google voice” and download it from cydia. The interface is simple, new and fresh. It will be really convenient for you to use the application.