BerryC8 Cydia Tweak for Lockscreen iOS 8

If you are an iPhone user and using various apps for customizing the appearance and various other things, then surely you must be aware of Jelly Lock. Now after the success of JellyLock, the developers decided not to go ahead with upgrading it but instead to create a whole new app. So they created the BerryC8, which is the successor to JellyLock. BerryC8 offers a whole new experience in customizing the Lock Screen of your iPhone and making it more interesting.

Just like the JellyLock, BerryC8 app can be used to customize the lock screen of your iPhone, which at some point some of us may get tired of seeing every time we have to use our iPhone. So read below to know what this tweak can do to your Lock Screen.

BerryC8 Cydia Tweak for Lockscreen iOS 8 – JellyLock iOS 8

Berryc8 Cydia Tweak

BerryC8 Lockscreen tweak for iOS8 devices

BerryC8 Cydia Tweak is useful for customizing your lock screen with the features made available by this tweak. On the Lock Screen you can add your favourite applications which can be opened directly. It’s simple, first you need to add the shortcuts to these applications from the tweak settings, and you can choose up to 8 applications as shortcuts on the Lock Screen. When you see these apps’ shortcuts on the lock screen, you need to drag the same to the very bottom near the home button, and run touch ID on your iPhone. This will directly open the desired app.

On the tweak settings you have other options too, like disabling the touch ID option, which will directly open the app without you having to ID, or making the app icons on this shortcut less opaque and more transparent. You also have an option to disable badges on the lock screen.

There is an FAQ section, wherein you can read and clear all the doubts you may have in your mind, but the Tweak is quite simple to understand and everything is self explanatory.

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Overall the tweak is quite cool, and you can expect a lot from the app, as the developer may roll out some changes and bug fixes, although so far I have not noted any bugs or problem with this tweak.