Download BattSaver Cydia Tweak on iPhone, iPad for ios 8, ios 8.1.2- ios 8.3, iOS 8.4 – Increase iPhone battery life with cydia

Want to prevent the iPhone battery from getting drained out very fast? Well, here is the best cydia tweak that can help you in doing so. The Battsaver tweak is the perfect app that can save the battery of you iPhone, iPad, and the iPod touch by 2x. It is no secret that a lot of apple devices have very short battery life, specifically for the iPhones because the batteries are small in comparison to the dimension of the phone.

This cydia tweak takes into account the radios which includes the GPRS, EDGE, 4G, 3G, Wi-Fi and the LTE. Since these drain the batteries a lot, with the help of the Battsaver, you won’t have to worry any more while using these apps. Apart from saving the battery of your iDevice, the other features include the auto switching of the components that drain out battery while they are not being used.

Battery Saver Cydia Tweak on iPhone iPad for iOS 8 iOS 8.3 iOS 8.4

In simple terms, the background apps that keep running are stopped. The battery life is increased by 2 times and it also includes the monitoring views, so that the battery can be checked in real time. It also has a “pull to refresh” feature.

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Download iOS 8.4 Final IPSW Links For iPhone and iPad iOS 8-iOS 8.4

The download links of the iOS 8.4 version have just been released which is supported in all of the iDevices starting from the iPhone to the iPod touch devices. With the development of each new installation of the iOS versions 8.x, there were a huge fleet of changes.

As we all know, iOS 8.3 brought us the swathe of security while the iOS 8.4 has come up with innumerable bug fixes and also the general cydia tweaks. The main attraction of this version is the all new Music app and the Apple music support. With the announcement at WWDC, apple music is actually a subscription based music streaming service that enabled 30 million songs for a subscription of $9.99.

The free trial version has been enabled that lets you in gaining the service for 3 months. The new version also includes the music app along with the always on 24/7 radio station known as the beats 1 and also the unique social media esque platform which helps the consumers for connecting with the content creators and artists in such a way that have not seen before.

This is the best cydia tweak for iphone, ipad on iOS 8.3, iOS 8.4. Get more details about cydia apps, how to download cydia on iphone, ipad apps.