Battery Life app carry the jailbreak just like the battery stats to the App Store


If you are worried and has concerned about the health of the battery and the remaining life of the battery of your iOS device then you should need to try out the newly released Battery Life app. This new app enables the users to view and observe the internal battery statistics for the iPad, iPhone or the iPod touch. The new offers the level of the new features and offering something which you can expect for the Cydia app and not any something which is available from the App Store. The new app allows users to get the clear view of the device and its battery condition and show techniques which identify any problem located here.

This app is good for those users who are getting the lower battery life than the usual battery life of their iOS devices and they are also very keen to know what is wrong either it is the battery problem or have some hardware issues. With the help of Battery Life app you can easily measure the level of the battery of your device. This information about the battery is useful and very crucial to decide either you gadget need the battery replacement or not. The Battery Life app is capable of display the adjusted runtimes of the battery or showing the in-depth raw data to the user.

This app also allows you to view the runtimes for the different things which you perform on your device such as the talktime, 3G/4G browsing, audio and video stats, WiFi usage and as well when your device at on standby mode. This app will also show you if you are interested to view the raw data and also able you to view the thing such as the capacity, battery charge, cycles, temperature, voltage and more.

The new Battery Life app also offers the users a Notification Center widget which enables the user to quickly view at the battery data. You can download the Battery Life app free from the App Store to check the internal battery statistics.

Battery Life app carry the jailbreak just like the battery stats to the App Store