Auto-Play of Videos on Facebook


Your feed of social media is in attack by pictures that are continuously moving. In past few months, both Twitter and Facebook have allowed the option for videos to auto-play; at any time when a video comes into your timeline or news feed, it initiate playing on its own without you even touching it. By doing so it uses the data on which you are using the social media platforms.

Up till now you possibly have observed that a lot of your news feed videos start playing on their own the instant they load. And most of you like me, may perhaps find that quite distracting.

Now the question is this: Can we stop these videos to play automatically?

And the answer is: Yes off course, you are in a great luck!


How to disable auto-play videos on Facebook?

By following the following simple steps you can easily disable the option of videos that are playing automatically on Facebook and eating your data bundle and making you angry.

Simply just follow the steps:

  1. First things first, open the Facebook app and log in to the Facebook account of yours.
  2. Locate the downwards arrow on the corner right top side.
  3. Find the option of setting there and open it.
  4. When settings will open there will be a list on the left side, find options of videos in that list and open it.
  5. There will be the toggle option of “Auto-play videos.” Turn it off.

In this way you will be successful to turn off the option of auto-play videos. From that time and onwards you will never see any video playing on its own when it comes to your Timeline or news feed.

As for the smartphones: if you are using Facebook on smartphone you will find the video option in the settings tab. You will find the same option of disabling auto-play videos there.