Apple Reportedly Planning to Turn the Apple TV into the Amazon Echo Competitor


About five years ago Apple has launched the Siri and since that the personal assistant has not changed so much. Now it is become more capable in term of its working capacity at the time of its launch but it is still limited to the iPad, iPhones with the tvOS is the exception. There are expectations that Apple has brought the popular feature to the Mac. Now it has been reported that Apple have come up with the bigger plan for the Siri then just bringing it to the Mac and the company is looking and working to turn the Apple TV into the Siri Speaker.

This approach of the company is to some extent similar to the Google Home and Amazon Echo but different in some way as it will be incorporated with the tvOS powered device as an alternative to having the standalone speaker. The report about the Apple is now going to make the Apple TV as the “hub of everything” is come from the ventureBeat. To make is possible the devices has need some software as well as some software changes. The users are like to place the Apple TV next to their television in its current from even behind it or place it inside the shelf unit which makes it impossible for the device to act as the microphone and speaker for Siri.


Apple TV have not any microphone and very low voice which cannot be listen from the noise of fan as well as form the TV which make it hard to listen it. Apple now considering and allowing their users to give control to Siri through the Apple TV remote but later they turned back and dropped the idea as the device need regular plug-in to charge it. The company doesn’t show any interest in releasing the standalone speaker’s device for the Siri even how much the Apple has spent on the development of the Apple TV.

The AI based features which are the center of the tomorrow tech and it will be interesting to see which approach Apple will follow to integrating the Siri and add other features to make it best for their users. There is also a rumor that Apple will announce the Siri SDK at the WWDC 2016 which allows their developers to build the features and can integrate their apps to the Siri.

2 Apple Reportedly Planning to Turn the Apple TV into the Amazon Echo Competitor