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Apple planning new color in iPhone 7s


Over the previous some months, there is heavy rumor that Apple might call flagship of upcoming year iPhone 8. The news generally makes the way to the reality that we are anticipating a main design change in 10th anniversary of iPhone celebration, so an ’S’ named model is seemed doubtful.

But in a latest information from Mac Otakara, an expert blog, it is asserted that Apple will launch iPhone 7S and 7S Plus in its place. The statement places this down to the “information resource” in Taiwanese fraction of supply chain of Apple. The statement in addition notes that Smartphones will be of “the similar basic design”, by means of the lone main update of a latest A11 chipset introduction. It particularly notes that there will not be any “glass chassis or wireless charge”, as rumored, and states that it is “highly expected” we will observe an option of red color to be introduced.

Nevertheless, we are not tending to trust this rumor. Whereas Mac Otakara has disclosed right info previously, it has made numerous mistakes as well; most lately by way of the rumored iPhone 7 in ‘Deep Blue’ color.

In addition, every supply chain leak up till now have recommended that Apple is preparing a major design modification for iPhone 8 of forthcoming year, comprising discarding Home button and bringing in glass chassis plus implanting the scanner of fingerprint in display. So the reality so as to this latest report emerges to cancel out these reliable rumors raises doubt.

Anyhow, the upcoming iPhone is still approximately away to 10 months, so we most likely will not have any concrete details for a moment. As for all time, believe on this statement or any further pre-release disclosure with appropriate caution. We contain no means of confirming this info, so whereas it may perhaps be accurate or it possibly will also be totally fictitious.


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