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Apple App Store vs. Android Play Store:


App store of Apple was not the foremost app store when it launched and was not also the largest. When it became live in 2008 July, along with the launch of iPhone 3G, it gave a comparatively reserved 500 apps.

In compare, Microsoft was flaunting over 18,000 applications in favor of its Windows Mobile operating system, The New York Times stated at the moment, whereas Palm was asserting 30,000 on the go software developers developing apps intended for its devices.

But subsequent to some teething difficulties, App Store of Apple swiftly outpaced its competitors: 10 million downloads in its first weekend, trailed by 100 million more in the initial 3 months, and in a year that number had struck 1.5 billion transversely 65,000 apps.

“It is going to be extremely difficult for others to get closer to,” Steve Jobs CEO of Apple forecasted at that time. The age of Smartphone apps had in fact started.

By June previous year 75 billion apps were downloaded as of App store of Apple, and previously this month the corporation exposed it at the present hosts 1.4 million apps that are accessible around 155 countries. In the primary week of January only iOS fans used up $500m on appliations and in-app buying.

Apple was the foremost to create a commercial achievement of Smartphone apps and Steve Jobs was exact to forecast it would be very difficult for competitors to draw near. No rival was around when the Apple App Store opening managed it, also when they harmonized Apple’s agreement for developers, as iOS had previously created the essential significant mass.


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But at last Apple took a fresh contender in the shape of Android to at last offer an actual rival.

Apple has been astonishingly open by means of data regarding its App Store, and the information it shares assists us to comprehend the types of stories it desires to tell. In the beginning the story was regarding the amount of apps and their downloads as it persuaded consumers: at the present the importance is on developers and how greatly they create from working by way of Apple as it attempts to stop any blemishing to opponent Android which has, in numerous ways, previously get past Apple on apps.

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