Any Way To Bypass iCloud Activation Lock? The Truth

Apple is considered as most secures device around the globe because Apple have spent millions of dollars to secure data on iPhone. So what would happen if you forget your Apple id or password and your phone get locked? Disable the locked iCloud account is the biggest threats to the iPhone’s users. If you are brand users other then iPhone than you can easily fix this problem but if you have an iPhone then this can create a serious problem for you. Till now you have searched out number of videos and read number of the blogs to find out that how you can bypass iCloud activation but the truth is little disappointing. The truth is that there is no such way to fix this problem; all the videos all the softwares are fake they are not of your use, so you don’t need to waste your time in searching the software or any solution. Even Cydia and jailbreak also cannot solve your problem in this case. These are some hard realities that you will not find on web.

What to do Now?? How to activate iPhone

There are two persons in the world that can solve this problem. One Is Apple corporations and the second is the person whose iCloud’s id is associated with the iPhone. Yes Apple Corporation can remove this iCloud activation lock because they are developers of IPhone and IOS but if you proof them that you are real owner of this phone. Otherwise every solution you find on the web is totally fake or useless. Second and immediate solution is to contact the owner. If it is not possible for you to contact the owner or might be you don’t know the owner then its your bad luck.

Precautions to not to get iCloud activation in Future

 If you want to not to get iCloud activation locked in future or you are selling your phone than make it sure that your “Find my phone” feature in the phone is disable if it is not disable  then go to the settings of your phone and turn it off now.