AndriOS: The New Cydia Tweak is Now An android-inspired experienced iOS to your iPhone, iPad

AndriOS Cydia Tweak

AndriOS Brings Android Style to Jailbroken iPhone, iPad

The Andrios is said to be one of the major tweaks of the iOS platform for their users. This will provide the iOS users the absolute feel of an android device as the overall platform has been designed making it identical to the android user interface.

The Andrios provides not only the latest designed theme which is lollipop, but it also comes with a collection of customizable themes including Google inspired notifications. Andrios does not comprise of a single tweak, it has a collection of surprises.

The surprises include the action bar, its miniplayer widget, its notification center, the search widget, the power menu and more. All these features have been provided to you in a single package.

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Android iOS 8.3: Get Android style experience to iphone, ipad with Andrios

Each part of the Andrios comprises of the very own section of Cydia tweak where you are allowed to configure the nuances of every feature in the way you would like to have it. These AndriOS Brings to an Android experience to your iPhone, iPad.


AndriOS Cydia Tweak New Features

1. Apart from the above features, here are some additional features that will definitely attract your interest. These include AlternateNC, power menu, Search Widget, Switches Widget and volume slider.

2. It must be kept in mind that the primary objective of these features is to bring an android touch to your iOS device. It may be observed that some of the features work just fine while others seems to be a little out of place.

3. In this scenario an example may be taken of the action bar. This brings back the basic feel of an android device, which are home, options button and back. These buttons appear on the iOS interface and due to their improper placement;

4. It makes the user to tap them in most of the times. Apart from these, there are certain features like the Power menu, Volume Slider and alternate notification center or the search widget.

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Additionala Features:

1. There are also some like Android lock animation, colored navigation bars, ability for tapping on any open space, and white text for the status bars.

2. These features have attained a lot of appreciation and do not conflict with the overall experience of the user interface. It may look a bit foreign with the iPhone user interface, but if adjusted with the proper themes, the Andrios can look really brilliant.

The overall fact is that, there are a lot of features that are definitely attractive and some of the features may not be appeal to you so much, but the Andrios is definitely worth trying and check out what makes it tick.

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